Professional Employer Organization


Benefit From Superior Service, Excellent Benefits, and Efficient Benefits Administration.

As an Employer of Record, we:

  • Help our client companies more easily make use of your talents to meet their business needs and your financial needs
  • Offer you the opportunity to participate in a robust benefits package, including medical, dental, and 401(k), that affords you security
  • Make sure you are paid regularly and on time

What do we mean by Employer of Record? It simply means that:

  • Everyware will be your employer
  • You deliver services to our client
  • We pay you your wages and extend you benefits

It also means that you are never billed for our services. Our client always pays. The rate you negotiate for your services is what you are paid.

401(k) Plan

Everyware’s 401(k) plan allows you to shelter considerably more income than most other 401(k) plans, so that you can significantly enhance and protect your financial future. This plan is self-directed, and you can borrow from the plan for any purpose. If you’d like the benefit of professional advice, need help choosing investments, or are new to investing, Everyware’s financial advisor will provide you personalized investment advice free of charge.

The advantages of our 401(k) plan are:

  • Shelter substantially more income than is possible at many other companies
  • Self-directed so you choose how and where your money is invested
  • Loans for any purpose: up to $50,000, with interest going back into your account
  • Free access to a financial expert

Health Insurance and Dental Discount Plan

Our optional Cafeteria Plan gives you access to health insurance and a dental discount plan at group rates via a pre-tax payroll deduction. For information on premiums and coverage, please contact us.

Other Insurance

All Everyware employees are covered by workers’ compensation, general liability, professional liability, unemployment, and employment practices liability insurance policies.

Direct Deposit

Your paycheck is automatically deposited into your bank account at no cost to you.

Everyware Advantages

  • Rewarding Benefits Including Health Insurance and 401k
  • Payroll is Accurate and On-Time
  • Convenient Online Training, Timesheets, and Paystubs
  • Full-Disclosure – Trust through Transparency


I have worked with Everyware, Inc. since 2006. They have always been efficient and courteous. I would recommend them highly.


I found Everyware to be very professional in all ways. They quickly responded to requests and were efficient in carrying out the needed tasks.