Timesheet Configuration

Welcome to the online timesheet configuration. The one-time setup is very easy and you will be on your way to submitting timesheets online in minutes.


1. Go to the MC2 Anywhere homepage: https://www.mc2anywhere.com/
The banner at the top looks like this:

2. Click at the top of the screen.

3. Enter your User ID and Password and press

4. Under , click on

5. Enter a new password into the field and type it again into the field.

6. Click:
This will make the timesheet the default page when you log in.

7. Click:
This will allow you to enter notes on the timesheet.

8. Click

Congratulations. Configuration is complete!!

You may now use the timesheet by logging out and logging back in. Or simply click in the toolbar to begin using the timesheet now. The next time you log in, the timesheet will automatically be your Start Page.

Continue with usage instruction by clicking here: Usage Instructions